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Procrastino Go | Video Game Design

ProcrastinoGo is a turn-based, multiplayer game intended to give players realistic experiences with procrastination. Throughout the game, players’ objective is to gain as many task points as possible.

Through experiencing these elements, players can relate their daily life to the game and be aware of how their behaviors in the game resemble those in their real life, and therefore learn to be prepared for unexpected events, as well as strategically plan ahead their daily activities.

Showerve | UX/UI design

Our team desired to improve the dormitory bathroom environment in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, attempting to provide the services of viewing real-time occupation, cubical reservation, and lost and found in our app.

Value Candlestick Chart 
| User Experience and Usability Evaluation

Our team collaborated with Cmoney, a financial information technology company, to help the company improve their application and increase the number of users. Our research methods and contents included interaction map, user research, comparative analysis, survey, heuristic evaluation, and usability test.

Value Candlestick Chart 
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