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I Like Their Autonomy and Closeness to Me: Uncovering the Perceived Appeal of Social-Media Influencers

Yu-Ling (Ruby) Chou, Hsuan-Jen Lee, Jie Tsai, En-Chi Liang, Yung-Ju Chang. 2023. (CHI '23) 

“Because I’m Restricted, 2–4 PM Unable to See Messages”: Exploring Users’ Perceptions and Likely Practices around Exposing Attention-management Use on IM Statuses

Yu-Ling (Ruby) Chou, Yu-Ling Chien, Yu-Hsin Lin, Kung-Pai Lin, Faye Shih, Yung-Ju Chang. 2022. (CHI '22) 

Why Did You/I Read but Not Reply? IM Users’ Unresponded Read-Receipt Practices and Explanations

Yu-Ling (Ruby) Chou, Yi-Hsiu Lin, Tzu-Yi Lin, Hsin Ying You, Yung-Ju Chang. 2022. (CHI '22) 

What Makes Im Users (Un) Responsive: An Empirical Investigation for Understanding IM Responsiveness

Hao-Ping Lee, Yi-Shyuan Chiang, Yu-Ling (Ruby) Chou, Kung-Pai Lin, Yung-Ju Chang. 2022. (IJHCS '22) 

“This is Why I Like Them!”: Exploring the Perceived Appeal of Social Media Influencers vs. Traditional Mass Media

Hsuan-Jen Lee, Yu-Ling (Ruby) Chou, Jie Tsai, Yung-Ju Chang. 2022. (CSCW EA '22)

Distinguishing IM Communication Patterns with Relationship and Conversation Topic

Kung-Pai Lin, Hao-Ping Lee, Yu-Ling (Ruby) Chou, Faye Shih, and Yung-Ju Chang. 2021. (CSCW EA '21)

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